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Zinc oxide technology

产品/服务: Zinc oxide 
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 Zinc oxide technology equipment (zinc oxygen method)

The production of zinc oxide by zinc oxide method is an innovative technology of Zhongpeng Chemical's environmental protection technology, which is based on the traditional direct method of Vickers furnace and zinc white furnace. It solves the problems of high exhaust gas pollution, excessive dust, unstable product quality, serious leakage, high labor intensity, easy condensation and burning of bags, tedious manual tapping and powder collection, frequent bag breaking and changing, excessive use of personnel, and poor production environment that have existed in the original traditional direct method of producing zinc oxide for many years; We have implemented rapid and fully automatic feeding, rapid and fully oxidation process, V-cooling system, and electronic control automatic powder collection operation, improving production efficiency, energy conservation, environmental protection, and economy, laying a solid foundation for the production of zinc oxide.

Raw materials: Zinc slag, zinc ash, oxide ore, flue ash, gas ash, polishing ash, and other zinc containing materials.

Production process: batching pressing carbonization oxidation separation V cooling system electronic control automatic powder collection system=zinc oxide.

Equipment: carbonization chamber, oxidation chamber, separation chamber, V-cooling system, distribution board, electronic control automatic powder collection system, fan.

Reminder: The investment in zinc oxide should focus on improving automation capabilities, energy conservation and consumption reduction, and economic practicality in order to generate better economic benefits. Although the investment is relatively large, it will be convenient for production control, improve product quality, reduce energy consumption costs, and be environmentally friendly and economical in the future; Investing in traditional simple production resulted in less investment at the time and more trouble in the future, resulting in a waste of labor and wealth; In the past two years, we have renovated 5 zinc oxide production lines, usually from Hunan and Hubei. A worker in a production workshop imitates a gourd and draws a ladle, without technical content. There are many production problems, and the renovation cost exceeds the factory construction cost. However, it is precisely the investors who have cheap and low investment costs who have been deceived; In investment, it is important to choose the right choice to avoid being happy to invest while worrying about transforming.

Zhongpeng Chemical provides you with sincere service!

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